Hi, I'm Teresa.

Thanks for visiting my page.

I am a photographer, mom, nature-lover, and foodie. I have a passion for photographing nature, people, and food!

This page is still under construction, and constantly changing and being updated. Thank your your patience and understanding while I get things here organized!

Fine Art Portraits

I love capturing authentic connections between the person and the camera.

Photographing children is my favorite, because they are so honest about their feelings.

Whether it's outdoors in a pretty meadow or in my teeny tiny home studio, I aim to capture the essence of their soul in a photograph.

I love lifestyle photography, especially for capturing family photos. This approach not only feels more real and authentic, but I think it's easier on the subjects (i.e. You!) because you don't have to worry about everybody looking at the camera at the same time and smiling without looking (and feeling) awkward. You just get to have a little fun with each other, while I snap away!

Family Lifestyle Photography

Nature Photography

Since I was a child, long before I started photographing people, I have been drawn to nature, and to photographing it. From the patterns created in nature, to a gorgeous sunset, I can always find something interesting to capture with my camera.

No matter where we go or what we do, I always have my camera with me,

ready to capture our family adventures.

Living in Colorado, we have lots of opportunity

and options for outdoor adventures. And we have taken many.

Our Outdoor Adventures

Food Photography

Food is my other passion. I love to cook and am always coming up with new ways to prepare food for my family. I try to focus on healthier ways to feed my family.

Now, I help food bloggers create unique recipes, while also providing them with high-quality images for their posts.

If interested in working with me, please visit my portfolio by clicking the photo to the left.


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