My Journal


May 11 - 14th :

Last week of school for the kids. I feel like it's been hectic, even though it hasn't been at all. My sense of time and time management has been completely thrown off and I have struggled to get my own work done, while helping the kids with theirs.

I felt a lot of frustration with myself and my business because I can't seem to get a handle on scheduling my jobs properly, even tho my clients are super understanding and laid back. I feel like I need to have a set due date for each project and make sure I deliver early. Everything is so disrupted, tho. And I feel like my work is not up to par. I may need to just take some time off.

Anyway,  this week, we continued to observe the pond water jar in C's room (just for fun). It seems like there is less life, but still a lot going on in there. C had a math assignment to create a sidewalk chalk mosaic, so he had fun with that and even let his sister help him.

Went fishing and sunset watching one night. It was a beautiful night, but unfortunately no fish caught and his reel is toast after just a couple casts :( But sunset was pretty. 

Lot of bike riding around the neighborhood and the bike path. And some flowers are finally blooming around here, although I think the spring storms killed off a lot of buds.

mom's day

Mother's day 2020, SD day 57:

It was a pretty nice mother's day. The boys went to the nursery to get plants for our garden: tomatoes, peppers, cucumber. So we tilled and planted. 

Had a nice facetime talk with my Mother.

I got some quiet time to myself, which is always nice. 

An evening walk took me past my favorite iris patches, so I definitely took some pictures!


May 8, SD day 55:

It's getting harder and harder to keep up with my journal here and post everyday. I just wrote a whole, long catch-up post, and them somehow it disappeared. :(

Basically, it's Friday. I don't even remember what happened the past couple days, other than the usual school work, photo work, and daily life. Except the kids got to go out for their dentist appointment. Good times.

They had their last day of online-school classes for the school year. There is still school next week, but we are still not sure what that will entail. Virtual/Online Field Day? We shall see...

Covid19 update:

The "stay-at-home" mandate ends after today, then we move to "safer-at-home." I'm not sure what the difference is tbh. 

There have been 96,722 tests for covid given in CO so far,  18,827 have been positive. 

A total of 3,600 people have been hospitalized, and 821 are currently in the hospitals.

There have been 960 deaths in CO so far, 16 in the last day.


Cinco de Mayo, SD day 52:

Just another Tuesday, really. But it's "Cinco de Mayo" AND taco-Tuesday, so chips and guac for lunch, and enchiladas for dinner (served on Fiesta plates).

Trying to get some pics of me and the boy, but he didn't really want to cooperate. Ah well.


May the 4th, SD day 51:

I let the kids make cookies today. They actually did a pretty good job. The stipulation was they had to clean up the kitchen when they were done, or else I would get ALL to cookies to myself and they would get no cookies and no screen time. I am sad to report that the kitchen was cleaned up and I had to share the cookies with them. :)

It was super windy today, so we didn't spend too much time outside, but still managed to get in a quick walk. Tried to take some photos of the kids in the flowers(weeds) but they wouldn't cooperate.


In CO, as of 4pm today: 

16,907 cases (+272) 2,838 hospitalized (+39), 83,266 people tested (+1,914) 851 deaths (+9)

There are currently 834 reported to be in the hospital with Covid19.

The stay-at-home order in JeffCo is set to expire on May 8. Then it's "sfer-at-home." Which is pretty much the same. 

So far, in the US, there have been 1,152,372 reported cases of covid, and 67,456 deaths blamed on covid.


May 3, SD day 50:

Fifty days of social distancing now.  We are still not sure if/when things will go back to "normal." We are currently crossing our fingers that school will be back AT school this fall. But even that is an unknown now. I keep thinking about summer, and I want to make plans, but everything is so unknown at this point, we can't even do that.

Anyway, spring is finally blooming all around us, so at least it's starting to look pretty outside.

Covid19 update"

In CO, 2799 people have been hospitalized with the virus, 842 have died.

In the US, there have been over 1.1 million people who tested positive so far, and over 65,000 deaths.

Camp In

May 2, SD day 49:

The kids got little sleep in the tent last night. Today in the National CampIn with the BSA and Ky's troop was participating, so Caden did too by default! Started the day with a 5K hike/walk/run benefiting Feeding America. We did a 5K hike/walk around the lake and neighborhood. The kids did great. They also tidied up their campsite a bit in preparation for a second night of camping in. There were also several activities and talks televised live on Facebook throughout the day for the scouts to watch and participate as they chose. 

We did not cook out, but had a "regular" dinner of pizza inside. It was raining anyway. The kids still spent the night in the tent and I think slept much better than the night before.

Camp home.

May 1, SD day 48:

Friday! So Caden's BSA troop did a "virtual campout" tonight, where the scouts had to set up camp, in their backyard, and cookout in their backyard. 

Caden and Ky set up the tent all by themselves (well, mostly by themselves). They even made a fake fire, since we couldn't build a real on.   C helped dad grill dinner and we enjoyed our brats and veggies outside on the deck.

We walked over to Cemetary hill to Howl at 8.

Then the kids spent the night in the tent.


A total of 2,747 people have been hospitalized, 50 more than reported a day prior. 

The state also reported 820 deaths Friday, 43 more than reported a day prior.

The city of Denver, along with several other cities and counties across the state are now mandating the wearing of face coverings in public.

The governor continues to say we are not to go "to the mountains" to recreate. We should instead stay "close to home." This thinking still makes little sense to me. We shouldn't go to the mountains to hike, etc., because the "mountain communities have been hit hard" with the virus already. But we don't recreate IN the communities. The whole point of recreating in the mountains is to get away from people and enjoy nature (which does not give you coronavirus!). Instead we are told to stay in our already congested community and recreate there. With everyone else. Where is the logic here? Ok, rant over (for now).


April 30, SD day 47:

When the kids get their school work and chores done, they can't wait to get on the devices and play games or chat with friends. This has become the new norm.

This evening we went for another photo walk, around the neighborhood, so Ky could practice some more. And, so I could too. I am enjoying playing around with my new lens.

I am still itching to get out to the mountains/hills to hike and just enjoy the nature. I continue to hear reports of overcrowding at the open spaces, and that is why we have stayed away. It saddens me to hear the reports of the destruction to these natural areas caused by the people who do choose to recreate out there. :(


CO's numbers: 

15,284 cases (+526) 2,697 hospitalized (+76) 56 counties (+0) 72,390 tests (+2941) 777 deaths (+11) 159 outbreaks (+2)

hump day

April 29, SD day 46:

Ky has been working on her Photography merit badge, so I took her out to the lake for sunset time for more practice. I am so happy she is enjoying this one. We also stayed for "howling at 8." It was pretty cool to hear the howling in all the surrounding neighborhoods. We were the only ones at the lake at that time, and it was pretty neat.


In Colorado there have been: 2621 hospitalizations, 766 deaths so far. "

New epidemiological modeling predicts that between 65,000 to 75,000 people have COVID-19 throughout the state, but state and health officials are prioritizing testing for those who are most at-risk."

There are now over 1 million cases reported in the US.


April 28, SD day 45:

I missed a day. I don't even remember what we did on Monday. But I didn't even feel like picking up my camera that day.

Today, the boy got done with his school work rather quickly, so I took him over to the lake so he could ride his bike around the dirt. He has been obsessed with watching mountain biking videos lately and can't wait until he's able to actually get to the mountains to bike the hills.

Saw a low-flying USAF plane on our way back home. Found out later they are doing training runs in preparation for wildfire season.


latest numbers for CO: 

14,316 cases (+437) 2,571 hospitalized (+86) 56 counties (+0) 67,094 people tested (+753) 149 outbreaks (+5) 736 deaths (+30)

After numerous outbreaks in meat packing facilities across the country, Trump is signing an order mandating the plants stay open. because he deems them a "critical industry."

There have been over 981,000 cases reported in the US so far.


April 26, SD day 43:

We haven't taken a Sunday-Funday Family-hike since this stay-at-home thing started. :(  I suppose I should remind myself that we are all staying well, too.

Ky is working on a Photography merit badge, so I took her out with the camera to teach her a few things. Then I got her to model for me. I love that she is usually up for helping me out with my creative/artistic visions.

Covid19 update:

In CO, more than 63,000 people have been tested and 13,441 of those cases came back positive. 680 Coloradans have died of the disease as of today.


April 25, SD day 42:

A beautiful Saturday. Chris had the day off work, so we went for a walk along the Clear Creek bike trail in Wheat Ridge for a little change of scenery. 

I am still jonesing for a trip to the mountains or at least a quick hike in the hills. For now, I guess we have to stick "close to home." As the weather continues to get nicer, it makes it harder to stay put! But we are.

Friday photo fun

April 24, SD day 41:

Feeling a need to make more creative art, I bought myself a new "special effects" lens for the camera. Lensbaby Sol45. And it is pretty fun. Took it out for it's first spin today to see what I could do with it. These pics are just a few examples of what I made today.


April 23, SD day 40:

For "Crazy Hair day" Ky made herself a beard. Kids got done with school work relatively early and Dad took them to the park to run off some energy. Caden's fish trap in the creek was empty. They skated down the bike path for a while, trying to maintain at least a 6' distance from others out enjoying the beautiful spring afternoon.

pj day

April 22, SD day 39:

The kids were happy that today was "wear your PJs" "to school" day. LOL . Caden has barely gotten out of his Minecraft onesie since day one.


April 21, SD day 38:

Another Tuesday, another day of remote learning for the kids. Their school is doing a "virtual spirit week" this week. Each day is a theme and we can snap a photo to share. Today's theme was "show us your pet." So of course we got a pic of Katie.

I also wanted to get a photo of us with our "covid masks" on. Just 'cuz.


2,002 hospitalized (+122)   486 deaths (+37) 113 outbreaks (+0)

Nationally, 42,539 deaths; 787,752 total confirmed cases


April 20, SD day 37:

Another nice day and we managed to get outside and get a little bit of exercise. Still helping Ky with her photography, so we headed over to the pond to take some photos.


The number of positive cases in CO surpasses 10,000 but it is estimated there are/have been 65,000 to 75,000 infected so far. 

1,880 have been hospitalized.

Gov. Jared Polis said Colorado's stay-at-home order will end on Sunday, as scheduled. The state will transition into a "safer at home" phase, with social distancing and telecommuting still strongly encouraged. (I'm not entirely sure what the difference is.)


April 19, SD day 36:

A beautiful Sunday. We headed out to Tucker Lake in Arvada to get a slightly different scenery for a family walk. Then spent some time at the lake. Caden fished. Chris power-walked. And Ky and I took a photo walk. She is working on her Photography merit badge, so I'm giving her some lessons! We logged LOTS of steps today!


Protestors gathered at the state Capitol (here in CO, as well as in other states) to protest stay-at-home orders.

stats as of Sunday afternoon: 

9,730 cases (+297) 1,813 hospitalized (+16) 56 counties (+0) 46,195 people tested (1,589) 422 deaths (+11) 111 outbreaks (+4)


April 18, Social distancing day 35:

5 Weeks of "social distancing" now and we're all going a little crazy in here.

Actually, the kids are doing exceptionally well. They still miss being with their friends. But they are usually in good spirits. Happy and well-adjusted. Dare I say better behaved (although more annoying) than before. 

Today they got out with their Dad for some exercise at a local open space (while I stayed home and got some work done). They still have an abundance of energy and we are running out of ways for them to expend it.


April 17, SD day 34:

Today I made a sourdough bread with the sour dough starter I started last week. It turned out pretty good shape-wise and smell-wise. But the inside was really dense and overly moist. So now I need to work on baking at high altitude.

It's been one week since C and I collected some pond water. It is still completely full of life. I can not believe how many things are swimming around in there. We really need to research what all these tiny creatures are.

Covid in CO:

9,433 cases*

1,797 hospitalized

56 counties

44,606 people tested**

411 deaths

Thursday - snow day!

April 16, SD day 33:

It's a snow day! Oh, except now that doesn't really mean anything in regards to school, since it all school at home now. Also, it's National Work in your Pajamas day, so they're observing that too.

I think we got at least 8" with this snow storm.


April 15, SD day 32:


April 14, SD day 31:

Another school week online. The kids are doing well with the remote learning, but Ky doesn't like it. She wants to be at school with her friends and teachers. Zoom-ing with them is okay. But not great. Caden would be happy to never go to school again [shrug].

Covid in CO:

"The number of positive novel coronavirus cases in Denver is starting to level off, but Denver's Department of Public Health and Environment stressed that residents need to continue social distancing."


April 13, SD day 30:

One month of social distancing. Who knows when this will end? I haven't left the neighborhood in almost 2 weeks.


A meatpacking plant in Greely is closed due to a number of cases of Covid19, including 2 deaths. This is just one of several similar scenarios at other plants across the US.

308 have died in CO, 1500 have been hospitalized

Easter sunday

April 12, SD day 29:

Easter Sunday. Woke up to a snow storm. Not unheard of weather on Easter in Colorado, but it was the coldest on record for, like, 80 years.

I wasn't really feeling the holiday this year. Just wasn't into it. We did not color eggs (couldn't find any white eggs anyway) or do much, except make homemade peanut butter cups. yum!

We video-chatted with family in Kentucky and Missouri.

Oh, and of course made deviled eggs.

Covid counts:

In CO, 290 people have died from the virus and 1417 have been hospitalized.

JeffCo Open space is starting to enforce "rolling closures" of parks due to overcrowding and "unsafe behavior"

Boris Johnson is released from the hospital to continue recovering at home. 10,000 have died in the UK now.


April 11, SD day 28:

Wow, 4 weeks now of social distancing.

Today Ky and I walked around the neighborhood (part of her physical fitness challenge) and stopped to say hi to the owl in the tree.

The pea plants C and I planted a few weeks ago are finally sprouting up. Hope the impending snow storm doesn't hurt them too badly.

C wanted to fish at the pond with the minnow trap he made. It was not successful. However, we collected some pond water to observe the tiny things that live in there. We watched a video someone made of his pond water jar and it was fascinating to me, so we are doing the same!


April 10, SD day 27:

Another week of remote learning complete. Ky spent the morning in bed, in PJs, with the ipad getting her school work done (I like the way she operates sometimes!). C didn't like me taking pics of him at work at his computer. 

Our pea plants are finally starting to sprout! And we had a little fun with toilet paper rolls.

Caden and I went on a walk after dinner to the lake so he could fish and I could photograph the crazy clouds floating overhead, and the sunset.


There are now 6500 confirmed cases in CO (again, many are not being tested so who knows what the actual number of infected is)

1312 are hospitalized and 250 people in CO have died from the virus.


April 9, SD day 26:

Another day at home, social distancing. The days are starting to run together and I'm never really sure what day it is. I took the week off work (food photographing) to figure out how I'm going to move forward with work while helping the kids with their remote learning, and sharing devices/computers with them. It was nice to not have to worry about deadlines, but the week went by so fast and I still have not figured out how to move forward.

Anyway, had some fun with silly photos of water glasses and smiles. And taking advantage of the beautiful evening golden hour light coming in the windows.

Howling at 8

April 8, SD day 25:

I feel like I'm slipping on enforcing our daily schedule. The kids are still getting their school work done, but are starting to slack on chores and everything else. I'm starting to slack, too. I decided to take this week off from work, and I'm really glad I did. 

This whole new way of life - kids schooling from home, husband not working as much, me not being able to get the ingredients I need, among so many other things - is taking some getting used to. Even for someone like me, who already works from home and social-distances on a regular basis anyway.

Tonight the kids requested to go out and howl at 8:00 again tonight. We went back to cemetary hill and this time were the only ones up there. We still heard lots of howling all around the neighborhood and throughout west Arvada. So cool.


A total of 1,162 people have been hospitalized due to the virus, 83 more than reported a day prior. 

The state also reported 193 deaths Wednesday, 14 more than reported a day prior, including a college student, the youngest victim in CO so far (21 yrs old).

The United States reports 400,000 confirmed cases and a total of 12,900 deaths


April 7 , SD day 24:

Tuesday mean it's back to school work. Caden made a terrarium for a science assignment. Hopefully we'll remember to keep it watered.

Tuesday also mean Skyping piano lesson and Zooming Scout meeting for Kyleigh.

And tonight was the full Pink Supermoon. Caden and I went to the top of cemetary hill to see the moon rise. We also howled with our neighbors at 8 o'clock. It's a new movement across the nation - neighbors joining together (their voices) to show support for the first responders and hospital workers.


A total of 1,079 people have been hospitalized in CO. 

The state also reported 179 deaths today, 29 more than reported a day prior - the highest single-day coronavirus death toll to date.

Reports are saying that our social distancing is working but we still have not reached the peak, so we need to continue to do so.

According to Johns Hopkins University, over 1.3 million people globally have been affected by the coronavirus. More than 74,500 people have died while nearly 285,000 have recovered


April 6, SD day 23:

Another Monday, another day of "social distancing." 

Kyleigh is doing well with her physical fitness challenge for Scouting, and is still working hard on her Cooking merit badge. The weather is beautiful, and we made another trip to the lake today to soak up rays (and so the kids can continue digging their giant hole in the sand).


Now 994 have been hospitalized in CO, 150 have died. And we are not yet at the peak in this state.

The mayor of Denver announces they will turn the ConventionCenter into a 2200 bed temporary hospital. He is also asking hotel/motels to consider putting up homeless persons in an effort to stop the spread of the virus.

Nationwide, there have been 10,000 deaths and 347,000 confirmed cases. A tiger at the Bronx zoo tests positive for the coronavirus.

The UK Prime Minister is moved to the ICU.


April 5, SD day 22:

Sunday funday is suppose to be family hike day. But it is so unclear on if that is even allowed right now, so we didn't go. Even tho I can't quite figure out why it's wrong to recreate in the hills, away from other people. It's all I want to do right now. And it's making me crazy!

The kids and I went to the lake for a while though. They wanted to play in the sand on the beach, and I just wanted to soak up the fantastic sunshine warmth. Oh and we finally finished watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy!

Covid19 update:

the death toll nationwide is up to 8400. In Colorado, that number is now 140.

924 are hospitalized in CO.

In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is hospitalized, one week after testing postive for the Covid.


April 4, Social Distancing day 21:

We've been social distancing for 3 weeks now! It is finally starting to get to me. I find myself yearning for just a little adult companionship. What I really want tho, is to get out into the hills and hike and be in nature, incidently without a bunch of other people around.

But here we are, at home, staying in our neighborhood (along with all the other neighbors). Reading posts online from people complaining about too many other people being out while they are out. This is really getting to everyone.

Covid19 update:

875 have been hospitalized in CO. 126 have died. shit's getting real.

Nationwide, over 300,000 have tested positive (though many are not even being tested) and over 8100 have died. 

It is now recommended that everyone wear a cloth facemask when out in public. Even though prior to now, it was recommended we not wear them.


April 3, SD day 20:

End of another week of "remote learning." We learned today that they will officially not go back to school this school year. Everything online.

Covid-19: Just so we never forget: (copied from Facebook and edited to reflect my own experience)

•Gas price at Costco was $1.49/gallon

•School cancelled - yes cancelled- announced today by the Governor - for the rest of the school year. Remote learning at home for the rest of the school year. No graduations, no end of the year school parties, no school plays.

•Teachers and students use Zoom to see each other and connect on devices.

•Self-distancing measures are on the rise.

•Tape on the floors at stores and clear plexiglass at checkouts to help distance shoppers (6ft) from each other and the clerks.

•Limited number of people inside stores, therefore, lineups outside the store doors.

•Non-essential stores and businesses mandated closed

 •Entire sports seasons cancelled.

•Concerts, tours, festivals, entertainment events - cancelled.

•Weddings, family celebrations, holiday gatherings - cancelled.

•Churches are forbidden to have worship service gatherings other than online.

•No gatherings of 50 or more, then 20 or more, then 10, now just "don't gather".

•Don't socialize with anyone outside of your home.

•Children's outdoor playgrounds are closed.

•We are to distance from each other.

•Shortage of masks, gowns, gloves for our front-line workers.

•Shortage of ventilators for the critically ill.

•Panic buying sets in and we have no toilet paper, no disinfecting supplies, no paper towel, no laundry soap, no hand sanitizer on the store shelves.

•Some shelves at stores are bare due to panic-buying/hoarding.

•Manufacturers, distilleries and other businesses switch their lines to help make visors, masks, hand sanitizer and PPE.

•Government closes the border to all non-essential travel.

•Fines are established for breaking the rules.

•Stadiums and recreation facilities open up for the overflow of Covid-19 patients.

•WFH- work from home- is a new norm.

•Press conferences daily from the President. Daily updates on new cases, recoveries, and deaths.

•There is no more “rush hour” on the roads, as there is not as much traffic. (in my neighborhood, there is still a lot of traffic during the day, but it is quiet at night)

•People wearing masks and gloves just to go anywhere outside of their homes.

•Essential service workers are terrified to go to work.

•Medical field workers are afraid to go home to their families.

•The Tiger King is binge watched on Netflix.

This is the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic, declared March 11th, 2020. Why, you ask, do I write this? One day it will show up in my memory feed, and it will be a reminder that life is precious and not to take the things we dearly love for granted. We have so much! Be thankful. Be grateful. Be kind to each other - love one another - support everyone....even if they don’t agree with you on how to get through this tough time.

snow and ice

April 2, SD day 19:

Too cold and wet to get outside today, so we are cooped up inside. Kids are doing well with getting their remote-learning school work done. We've also instituted "electronic-free" time, when we read or do art or take a nap (mostly just me). They still get their screen time and Ky has been in contact with a lot of her friends on her Messenger app.

After feeling very uninspired yesterday with my photography, I went outside to take photos of raindrops on tree branches...only to discover it was actually ice. Got a few really nice photos out of it. Then it snowed.

Oh, and the puzzle is almost done!


710 hospitalized pts in CO, 97 deaths.

Over 3700 have tested positive, but they estimate that the actual number of infected is 4 to 10 times that.


April 1, SD day 18:

Managed to get some outside time in before the cold and rain and snow came in. Other than that, it was a pretty blah day.


CO has 620 patients hospitalized, and 80 deaths so far. I don't even think it's worth mentioning the number of confirmed cases (but it's over 3000) because so few are being tested.

The governor announced that schools will remain closed through April 30th. And we are now speculating that it will be extended thru the end of the school year.


March 31, SD day 17:

It's back to "remote learning" today. I have made up a better schedule for the kids to follow, as well as rules for how and when to earn "screen time." I even got a few things on my to do list checked off. 

A trip to the grocery and Target for supplies and food was mostly successful. Flour, yeast, and rice are extremely hard to find these days (I seriously still do not understand the panic-buying that has been happening with certain items) but we did manage to find a bag of flour and a small bag of rice today. I even was able to get one bottle of hand sanitizer at Target!

The weather is beautiful and we try to get outside as much as possible.

Covid count:

In CO, 414 have been hospitalized, 51 have died. 2966 total cases in the state as of today.

The situation in NYC is increasingly bad, over 8000 patients hospitalized and 1096 have died. 

The "corona task force" says the US could see 100000 to 250000 deaths in the coming weeks - best case scenario.


March 30, SD day 16:


Have implemented a schedule for the kids to follow on Mondays, given there is no school work on Mondays now. They were actually very receptive to it! 

We also started a Scavenger hunt project with the Run Wild My Child FB page. 5 things per day for 30 days. Caden helped out with the "jump" prompt.

Kyleigh started her physical fitness project for Scouting. We walked a mile and she did sit ups and push ups, and will track her progress over 30 days. 

And we finally broke out the sidewalk chalk!

Covid update:

2627 cases in CO as of today. 51 deaths.

Gov. Polis says the peak is slightly delayed, due to our "social distancing" efforts thus far. 

Nationwide: 186,000+ reported cases, 3600 deaths

Sunday funday?

March 29, SD day 15:

Sunday. No hiking today. Too chilly and snowy/muddy in the hills. Chris took kids for a quick bike ride. And the kids and I left our painted rocks around the neighborhood while on our dog-walk.

They are making progress on the puzzle, too. Tonight, more movie night with popcorn!

Trump announced today that  "social-distancing" will stay in effect until at least April 30th.

There are now 2307 confirmed cases in CO, 326 are hospitalized, 47 deaths. There are over 143,000 cases in the US.


March 28, SD day 14:

Saturday. Not much to report. Just a regular Saturday for us.  Doing our "upstairs chores." 

The sun came out and melted the snow away rather quickly, so a quick game of backyard soccer was had.

Another night watching the movie.

And just trying to survive goofy kids.

Covid-19:  615,000 cases worldwide to date

2000+ positive cases in CO, with 274 hospitalizations, and 44 deaths

need a break from spring break

March 27, SD day 13:

Colder and dreary today. Snow didn't start until late in the day, but it was still to cold to do much outside. The birds didn't mind it, though.

We made pizza for dinner, then snuggled up and started watching another Lord of the Rings Movie (The Two Towers).

Covid-19: the US has officially passed China in number of cases (if you believe the numbers out of China). 82,400 cases in the US. 1700+ in CO.

Forest Service is starting to shut down access to forest roads. I guess they think people can't social-distance in their woods.

The House passes the Corona virus relief bill.


March 26, SD day 12:

Got out the paint pens and painted some rocks today. We hope to leave them around the neighborhood, spread a tiny bit of cheer. After the snow storm.

The only one sick around here is the dog. (I think I now understand the phrase, "sicker than a dog.") We had to get her a different kind of dog food last week when we ran out. Costco was out of stock completely for a few days, then they had some, but a different kind than what she usually gets. I guess it's making her sick :( Thanks a bunch,  panic shoppers!

Covid-19 update:

State of CO begins stay-at-home orders.

1430 have tested positive in CO. 184 have been hospitalized. 19 have died. 

Parks remain open, but CPW campgrounds are now closed.

wednesday humpday

March 25, SD day 11:

Stay-at-home orders are now officially being issued across the state. Honestly, this is still no different than what we've already been doing here for over a week now. I'm still not panicking.

Kids got to talk to their cousins via Messenger kids. 

Still getting out and getting sunshine and exercise whenever we can.

Kids are working on merit badges. Hopefully this will keep them busy and learning for a while.

Covid-19: 1000+ cases in CO. 19 deaths.

Jefferson County (among several others)announces stay-at-home order to go into effect tomorrow. Then governor announces statewide order.

Mesa Verde NP is closed.


March 24, SD day 10:

Spring Break this week. Ky had her piano lesson via Skype, Caden went fishing (gorgeous day; no fish caught); I made cinnamon rolls (so yummy!); Ky had her Scout meeting via Zoom. Chris did a tiny bit of yard work, then helped Caden with a new puzzle.

Covid-19 update:

900+ cases in CO, 11 deaths.

Japan officially announces the Summer Olympics will be postponed until next year.

Denver's stay-at-home orders officially in place.

CPW (and CDC) encourage people to still get outside to recreate/exercise.

Spring break day 1

March 23, SD day 9:

It's Monday, and there's no school because it's Spring Break. I gave the kids some ideas on fun activities we could do, but all they want to do is play soccer in the backyard.  Well, that's something I guess. 

Walks around the neighborhood are still a daily occurance, so that's good.

Oh, and the kids are working on merit badges for Scouting, and had their first online zoom classes for those tonight. These are interesting times.

Covid-19 update:

720 cases in CO, 72 hospitalized. 7 have died.

Mayor of Denver announces stay-at-home orders to take effect tomorrow. Liquor and marijuana stores are in turn slammed.(Mayor later announces these store may remain open.)

Sunday funday

March 22, SD day 8:

Too snowy, muddy for a hike in the hills, so we went to the park for a bit. Kids played basketball with Dad, while Katie and I took a walk. The sun felt so good.

Grandma sent the kids a puzzle to work on, so Dad and Caden started on that.

Another early evening walk...the snow is almost completely gone!

Covid-19 update: 34,000 cases in the US,413  deaths.

500 cases in CO, 6 deaths.


March 21, SD day 7

Just a Saturday as usual at home, getting our chores done and getting outside for a bit a fresh air. Beautiful day, warm and sunny. Snow is melting fast.

Got some photos of the 3 of us together, plus the dog. And managed to get Ky to cooperate for some 12-year portraits. 

Tonight, family movie, Lord of the Rings.


Italy's death toll is now 4825 with 53,578 total cases.

There are over 10,000 cases in NY state.  475 in CO, with 5 deaths.

RMNP is officially closed. :(

remote learning day 4

March 20. SD day 6:

End of week one of remote learning. All things considered, it really went quite well. I commend all the teachers and staff for making this happen so quickly.

I decided to give the kids an art project of coloring rainbows to hang in the windows. The idea (sweeping across instagram) is to make them visible for passersby to see, an put a smile on someone's face. The hashtag #LetsAllBeWell is currently trending. 

Ky got to zoom with her STEM teacher and class (Caden did this yesterday as well).

Still too cold an snowy to really get outside for exercise, so we stayed indoors. Caden and I played hide-and-seek and wrestled a bit, while Kyleigh did a yoga video.

Then Caden and I engaged in our new guilty pleasure, watching an episode of Finding Bigfoot.

And now, we're on Spring Break.

Covid-19 update:

NYC has over 5000 cases and 29 deaths.

363 reported cases in CO.

this is hard

March 19, SD day 5:

Most frustrating day yet. I have been in a mood all day. Have not been able to get any of my work done because I'm constantly being called, "Mom, I need help!" to help with school work. Why does my 5th grader not understand fractions?

The technology side of this whole remote learning is beyond frustrating. There are 10 different apps that all serve the same purpose, but everyone uses a different one. Constantly downloading new apps on  various devices. Can't figure out how to turn in attachments to assignments (why am I doing this? shouldn't the kids be the ones figuring this out?!)

Oh yeah, and the dog took a shit in the dining room last night apparently. So cleaning that up. 

Constantly reminding the kids to pick up their messes. 

I am so fed up today. I have not been able to get one thing done on my own to do list, because I've been helping the kids all morning do their's.

It snowing and cold out, so no more outdoor recreation time.

I just want to scream. Or hide under the blankets. Or take a hot bath. Or just run away!

sewing seeds

March 18, SD day 4:

Day 2 of remote learning. Still going okay. Caden seems almost excited to get to the computer in the morning and start knocking out his assignments.

He finished up early today, so I had him help me with some yard work and seed planting. We got some peas and lettuce seeds planted. 

When dad got home from work, he took the kids to the park for more outdoor exercise time - basketball!

Covid-19 update:

Governor Polis closed schools until April 17 and banned gatherings of more than 10 people. Polis also ordered ski resorts to remain closed until April 6.

"Remote Learning"

March 17, SD day 3:

I made my weekly trip to the grocery store this morning. As expected, many items were out of stock. This is going to make doing my job very difficult if I cannot get the ingredients I need for the recipes I need to photograph!

Also, it's St. Patrick's day, but it didn't really feel like it.

First day of Remote School. It went pretty good, I think. The kids seemed to have figured out Google Classroom, and how to find their assignments. We need to work on our daily schedule/routine tho.

backyard soccer

March 16, SD day 2:

Kids had the day off school (online/remote learning starts tomorrow). Made sure to get outside and get plenty of fresh air and sunshine while we can. Cold, stormy weather coming later this week. 

I refuse to believe that we should be cooped up inside during this time of isolation. (as so many are suggesting) We need nature and sunshine (vitamin D!) to stay healthy.

SD Day 1

March 15. Social Distancing, Day 1:

Went for a hike up Table Mountain today. It's Sunday, it's a sunny, warm day. It's Family Hike day. Pretty much what we try to do every Sunday. 

We went in the afternoon, when it was much warmer out, and I have never seen the trails more crowded in all my years hiking here! So much for "social distancing" out in nature!

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