What is lifestyle photography? "Lifestyle" is less about stiff, posed people, all looking and smiling at the camera. It is a more emotive approach, that brings out authentic reactions and moments. It allows for capturing the essence of who you are. It can include movement, and little loving gestures. 

I love a lifestyle approach for family photography because I think it can show your true personality in the photos. I want your images to tell a story. Your story.

These lifestyle sessions typically last 45 to 90 minutes. They can involve the whole family (immediate family only, please), just the kids, or a loving couple.

I will guide you, but not necessarily pose you, along to way. It's great if we have an activity that your family enjoys doing together. Some ideas are: hiking, fishing, or just having a picnic in a beautiful spot! I have access to a semi-private location where you can take part in any of these activities, without having to travel far into the mountains.

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